The Mezz in Temple Bar is one of Dublin’s last institutions of live music which sticks its fingers up at the mainstream and takes the little dirt-track to raw alternative and rock bands.

Many famous people have played on the famous Mezz stage or just paid a visit to party. Names such as Chris Slade (ACDC), Sinead O’Connor, The Commitments, Noel Bridgeman (Skid Row), Mick Pyro (Republic Of Loose), Rhys Ifans, Raul Trujillo, Cas Anvar, Ving Rhames, Shane McGowan, Ro Byrne
and Davey McGuinness (Lir), the list goes on and on.

We also offer upcoming bands an opportunity to take the stage…. From Blues to metal to rock, alternative, reggae, The Mezz has it all.